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from the upcoming album




Descended from the Cosmos seeking our Divine Union in a broken world. StarTwin, I am lost without You.


She is the storm within, my eyes looking back at me.

Re-released with new guitar and bass tracks.


The eyes of the Empath are Heart-wired. We feel what needs to Heal.


The spirit of a Heyoka is the Great Mirror. When you connect to a Heyoka, what you see in them will show you what you need to work on spiritually. The Heyoka's mirror is one of emotion, for however you react to them emotionally is their Guidance to reflect back to you.


Engaged in the practice of Mirroring, the Lovers gaze into each other, Reflecting One upon One - "I See You. I See Myself in You. I Am Another You. You Make Me Real. In Lak'ech."


Where Are You, Lover?

Rekindling the Flame that is DECEMBER, the body has renewed it's vows with the Muses. Resurrected from a 5 year blue period, DECEMBER has replenished the studio and found the Light of Inspiration that had been shrouded in darkness for those years. The first song to be published in 5 years, "Where Are You, Lover?" is a song from 2008, resurrected and re-cast in a  new Light and renewed Desire and Intent, seeking the other half of my Soul, a Lover to complete my Being and Purpose, Someone to hold and Know as We grow Old.

...Where Are You, Lover?...



Searching for My Light

As if it were prophecy of the time which followed; our lives turned down a path that led to a long, long series of unfortunate events, and far from the Source of Creativity...5 years now and I feel the Search has just now come to a point where it can begin. 5 years of life less-creating, I can't  go any further on this path, walking barefoot through Sacred Forest, except that the trail is covered in splintered wood chips, and hidden nails... easily avoided by stepping off the path, into Nature: so many different  forms of Life, existing amongst the many as One, a community , Purely Harmonic, in Perfect Resonance... the one thing it lacks, are lines... and this path has glass walls... So here I am again offering this song and the Intent to find the Light , break the glass shell of this Path of Pain, so I can  walk back into the Light, and through the Forest, to start Creating again. Also tuned to 432 Hz now, this is my Prayer to end this  search. My Light has never lost my sight, I just found my way onto this path that hurts, so I just kept walking  past each step, to the next; futile attempts to avoid  pain, but this path leads to nothing else. Now I've realized the walls of glass , transparently confining my place here.... I now know how to escape. I MUST BREAK THE GLASS. 


came together as both the song and it's drawing, on 11/11/2016, to be an anniversary gift for the fifth year since 'Activating Interlock' with my Twin Flame on 11/11/11. It has recently been tuned to 432 Hz 

"As the Night gives Way, to Nautical Dawn, I can see, I must Activate the Force of which I am made." -Tori Amos

Please Come to Us

a prayer, or, incantation if you will, to be used to summon what is needed to Light the path of Love that leads to HARMONY.

All That Surrounds Me is Love

a simple declaration to speak out loud, 3 times a day, if you want it to be True...

Holy Cross the Dark Rift

conceived on the December solstice, when we're aligned with the dark rift at the center of the galaxy.

These are a few of the 14 songs on the album CHANGETIME. I see a lot of use of the term "End times" as a synonym for apocalypse or armageddon, etc. An end is a beginning in an infinite universe, that means CHANGE. I agree, it is the end of time. "Time is money" is what they say, so I guess if you are money, or you trust in it's god, then it might just be the end of your world. Then we will be free to Be, Eternally, in an infinite moment of endless creation. 



Released in synchrony with

-MORPHOGENESIS - Open the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness- that you can learn about here:         "Our Mission is to Evolve Consciousness"



NEW EP: METAGENESIS + 4 NEW songs by DECEMBER, now available 


and if you haven't seen this yet, please give it a look. It's a DECEMBER album from 2007 painted by Moriah Merritt in 2009, then changed/updated and published in 2012 (CHANGETIME ) :


a presentation of Light and Sound

11 paintings by Moriah Lee Merritt (

11 songs by DECEMBER




with Gratitude, in LoveLightHARMONY, Thank You for being a fan!

. e v o l v e . e v l o v e .







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